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Certified Life Coach with Canada Coach Academy
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I envision a future where everyone experiences so much inner well-being that they overflow with joy and wealth, and as a result, elevate the individual, their society, and the world as a whole.

My mission is to help thousands of people know themselves truthfully so that every action they take is steeped in purpose, meaning and love for their life! 

Hey, Olga Here!

Immigration marked my life from a very young age, along with that came a Pandora’s Box of confusion about where I belong, where is my home, what makes me ME. Growing up it was very hard to get my parents to talk about “Home”. They fled Chernobyl and war, and had to leave many people they loved behind while seeking a better life here in Canada, for many years talking about the past was just too painful. Add to the mix the fact that my grandparents passed away when I was very young... well, you can say that there was very little connecting me to the past and to where I come from. This kept me feeling uprooted, lost and confused for many years to come, while at the same time adding fuel to that burning question “Where is my Home?”

I spent years seeking the answer and it caused me to fall in love with psychology, religion, and spirituality. I was hungry to know what was this thing called “Life” all about. Eventually I learned that even though it felt lonely at times, I also had a unique opportunity at my fingertips.

Without a rigid background I handed myself the artistic freedom to mold and shape my life in a way that truly pleased me. I learned to rediscover and take my favourite things from my Belorussian, Christian-Orthodox and Jewish heritage, and remix it with the things I picked up in the West. Allowing the past and the present to collide in the most satisfyingly creative way!

And so, today this wonderful path lead me to becoming a Life & Wellness Coach, allowing me to help others find where they belonging on their own terms and make sense of the messiness of life in a way that’s empowering, uplifting and invigorating.

Are you ready to let go of the mess and meet your powerful, clever incredible self?

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Why do People choose to work with  Me?

  • I am versatile and work on a variety of topics such as work/life balance, career, relationships, education, developing creativity, self-love, creating a life vision, and any other day-to-day situations that you might be facing.

  • I show up with zero agenda, I focus on helping my client discover what's authentically true to them.

  • My clients say that by working together they develop a more loving and compassionate relationship with themselves as they learn how to manage the "negative" voice in their head.

  • I bring a variety of exercises, resources, and applicable practices to support our coaching conversations to dig deeper into the topic at hand.

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Fun facts about me

  • My favourite dessert: Tiramisu

  • My kitty’s name: Polly

  • Where am I from? Montreal!

  • My hobbies: baking, fitness and phone photography

  • My favourite colour: Yellow!

  • My favourite TV Show: so hard to pick! “Severance” from Apple TV is def a top choice. It’s just so strange!

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